Get informations about a specific GID of the Roofstreet standard grid.

The Hexagon area could be given either

  • in lat/lon coordinates : will return the GID and its descriptions at the place you mentioned


  • in gid reference : will return the descriptions of that specific GID

if both lat/lon and gid are given, only gid will be used.

Roofstreet standard grid


Parameter Type Usage
gid bigint GID given by a call to neighboursgrid or flowquality
lon float (-180 to 180) WSG84 Longitude (e.g. 2.4290276323522635 for Paris)
lat float (-90 to 90) WSG84 Latitude (e.g. 48.85225019822305 for Paris)

Returns : JSON Object

    "success" : true|false,
    "error" : "error message",
    "gridinfo": {
        "gid": 304012934,
        "geom": {
            "type": "Polygon",
            "coordinates": [[[2.35540908630999, 48.8724661693539], [2.35579806823832, 48.8723180245871], [2.35579806823832, 48.8720217337298], [2.35540908630999, 48.8718735876394], [2.35502010438167, 48.8720217337298], [2.35502010438167, 48.8723180245871], [2.35540908630999, 48.8724661693539]]]
        "centroid": {
            "type": "Point",
            "coordinates": [2.35540908630999, 48.8721698787908]
        "streets": ["Rue du Ch√Ęteau d'Eau", "Boulevard de Strasbourg"]
Value Type Usage
success boolean True if the call was succesfull
error string If success is false, the reason of the failure
gridinfo array set of Hexagons
gridinfo.gid bigint Grid ID that can be used in TernAPI calls to identify a place
gridinfo.geom geojson Geographical description of the Hexagon
gridinfo.centroid geojson Geographical description of the center of the Hexagon
gridinfo.streets array of strings List if names streets that were found in that hexagonal area.

Usage / Example

With basic auth :

curl --user 'APIKEY:APISECRET' --basic  ""

curl --user 'APIKEY:APISECRET' --basic  ""

Auth in URL :

curl ""

curl ""