TernAPI documentation

Version 1.0 (January 2019)

TernAPI is the webservice group that give access to the data showed by Roofstreet for Retail. You can read the Tern About page.

Pedestrian count view in Roofstreet for Retail

TernAPI is developped by roofstreet.io.

Steps to include Roofstreet for Retail data inside your application

  1. Register
  2. Learn about the Roofstreet standard grid
    • Check the grid in the Data > Roofstreet Zones > Standard grid 50 menuitem Standard roofstreet grid
    • Request for the Grid ID (Hexagon ID) matching your coordinates using the neighboursgrid webservice
  3. Get the easy flow quality indicators of a place using the flowquality webservice
  4. Count pedestrian, motorized or rail flow
    • Learn about the possible parameters for counting flow in the Reports > Flow count menuitem Roofstreet Flowcount example
    • Request for the number of pedestrians estimated at the Grid ID using the flowcount webservice